CyberHOT will take place on the premises of NMIOTC.

CyberHOT Information - TBA

Travel and transportation

  • Participants should plan to fly to Chania International Airport (airport code: CHQ).

  • Alternatively you can travel by boat. There are two major shipping companies on the line: Athens-Chania. Minoan lines and ANEK lines provide daily service to and from Crete.

  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation from/to the airport or harbour during arrival and departure day.

  • NMIOTC will provide transportation only from/to specific pick-up points.

  • Transportation from these points in Chania city center to NMIOTC’s premises and vice-versa will be provided by NMIOTC the days of the CyberHOT Summer School.

  • Pick-up Points will be announced in due time

Security instructions

The CyberHOT Summer School has no Classification Marking. However, NMIOTC applies security regulations according to NATO standards.

Medical service

First aid and emergency medical support is offered by NMIOTC paramedic and local Naval Hospital. However, for all other situations, medical expenses must be paid by the individuals or their insurance agencies. All participants are strongly advised to have appropriate medical insurance.