4th CyberHOT hands-on cybersecurity

 Summer School

9-10th September 2024 Piraeus, Greece

The 4th Cybersecurity  Hands -On -Training (CyberHOT) Summer School will take place on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of September 2024 under the auspices of University of Piraeus, Cybersecurity Research Lab (UPRC). If you are  an ICT practitioner or a technical manager that works in the maritime, health or energy sectors  looking to get  hand-on with cybersecurity offensive practices this is the event for you.

in beautiful Piraeus for a unique knowledge sharing experience

What is CyberHOT?

The CyberHOT training program brings worldwide experts to raise the technical capabilities in various areas of CyberSecurity including ethical hacking, risk management, incident handling and sector specific cybersecurity practical issues in the areas of maritime, health and energy. It will enable the participants to implement various red-teaming methodologies and tools. Utilizing  dedicated labs  a wide range of penetration testing scenarios will be showcased. The aim is to raise the skills of the workforce to meet current and future cyber incidents and challenges. Each training module will include introductory  concepts and practices  to enhance your  cybersecurity capabilities;  will cover popular risk assessment/red-teaming/penetration testing tools, secure software development tools  along with basic steps followed in risk management penetration testing methodologies. The trainees will be introduced among other tools   to the Dedicated labs of the Hack the Box platform.


Under the auspices of University of Piraeus, Cybersecurity Research Lab (UPRC)

Who should attend

Background Knowledge

Nice to have:

Required Equipment

Bring your own laptops as you will not be able to participate in the hands-on training without one. You only need your browser to connect and participate in the exercise!

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