CyberHOT Host

Captain (N) Periklis Pantoleon

IT Section Head/ Cyber Discipline SO at NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre - NMIOTC.


Nineta Polemi

Nineta Polemi is a cybersecurity Professor in the University of Piraeus-UNIPI- (Cyber Security Lab, Dept. of Informatics) and CTO/ Co-Founder of Trustilio. She served (2017-2020) as Programme Manager and Policy Officer in the European Commission DG (CONNECT H1 Unit entitled ’Cybersecurity Technologies and Capabilities’). She has obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (Coding Theory) from The City University of New York (Graduate Center). She held teaching and research positions in The City University of New York (Queens & Baruch Colleges), State University of New York (Farmingdale), Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)-Solvay Brussels School-. She has over 150 publications in security (e.g. port security, maritime security, maritime supply chain security) has organised numerous scientific and policy international cybersecurity scientific events. She has received many research grants (NATO, IEEE) and awards (NSA, MSI Army Research Office IEEE, CYNY, Hellenic Ministry of Maritime, Hellenic National Defense General) and has participated as Project and Technical Manager in more than 60 cybersecurity international, EU and national R&D and commercial projects. She serves as external expert/reviewer/consultant in ENISA, E.C.(DG CNECT, DG HOME), FORTH, Focal Point.

Sotiris Ioannidis

Prof. Sotiris Ioannidis received a BSc degree in Mathematics and an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Crete in 1994 and 1996 respectively. In 1998 he received an MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Rochester and in 2005 he received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Ioannidis held a Research Scholar position at the Stevens Institute of Technology until 2007 and a Research Director at the Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) until 2020. He is currently Associate Professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Technical University of Crete (TUC) and Director of the Microprocessor and Hardware Laboratory. He was a Member of the ENISA Advisory Group (AG) from 2017 to 2020, and is a Member of the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) Advisory Committee (AC). He is also Chairman of the of the Committee of Ethics and Deontology of Research of FORTH and Member of the Advisory Committee for National Infrastructures for Research and Technology. His research interests are in the area of systems and network security, security policy, privacy, and high-speed networks. Ioannidis has authored more than 200 publications in international conferences and journals, as well as book chapters, and has both chaired and served on numerous program committees in prestigious conferences, such as ACM CCS and IEEE S&P. Ioannidis is a Marie-Curie Fellow and has been the PI of more than 40 European, National, and DARPA funder projects.

Keynote Speaker

Tejas Patel

Tejas Patel joined DARPA as a program manager in August 2019 to develop, execute, and transition programs in cyberspace operations and other defense mission areas. Prior to his position at DARPA, Patel served as a principal investigator for a DARPA I2O program. He also has served as a contractor supporting I2O's portfolio of cyber research and development (R&D) programs, as well as a software engineer in private industry focused on the automation of computer network operations. Patel’s prior civil service includes over half a decade of experience in cyber operations, development, and planning within the Department of Defense. Patel holds a Master of Science degree in telecommunications from the University of Maryland, College Park and Bachelor of Science degrees from North Carolina State University (NCSU) in computer engineering, electrical engineering, and economics.


Dr. Nicholas Ayres

Nicholas Ayres is a lecturer in Cyber Security at De Montfort University. Dr. Ayres has expertise in Incident Response, Emerging Cyber Technologies, Social Engineering and Automotive Embedded Systems. He is an active member of the DMU Cyber Technology Institute. Previously he worked in the private sector principally within the SOC and System Management arenas. He has also over 10 years' experience in law enforcement with the Leicestershire Police as part of the Economic Crime Unit (ECU) recovering property under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA). Within his academic role his cyber related interests also include social engineering, cyberterrorism and the use of social media in the propagation of fake news.

Nuri Fattah

Nuri is a consulting director at Unit 42 with more than 20 years of experience on offensive and strategic cyber security services. Based in the Middle East, Nuri specializes in Red Teaming, exploit development and cyber defence exercises (CDX). Prior to his employment at Unit 42, Nuri was the lead Red Team for the EMEA region at Mandiant, delivering both Red Teams, and Purple Teams, as well as training to clients. Prior to that, Nuri was contracted by NATO to provide security services and solutions in the area of cyber defense/security, based on his knowledge of exploit development, penetration testing and incident response.

Christos Grigoriadis

Christos Grigoriadis is a Security Researcher with a background of production and management engineering. Experienced in research and development positions, taking specific focus in vulnerability databases and Risk Assessment Methodologies. Detail-oriented and hard-working. Able to quickly adapt to new programming languages, tools and research concepts according to the needs of each project.

Roberto Suggi Liverani

Roberto Suggi Liverani (@malerisch) focuses on intrusion testing and new methods of exploitation. Roberto has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Mozilla, HP and others by reporting and helping to fix security vulnerabilities in their products. Roberto has been a guest speaker at global security conferences, including HITBAMS, EUSecWest, Ruxcon, Kiwicon, DEFCON, Warcon and HackPra AllStars. He publishes his security research at:

Prof. Leandros A. Maglaras

Prof. Leandros A. Maglaras is Full Professor of cybersecurity in the School of Computer Science and Informatics of De Montfort University. From September 2017 to November 2019, he was the Director of the National Cyber Security Authority of Greece. He obtained the B.Sc. (M.Sc. equivalent) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1998, M.Sc. in Industrial Production and Management from the University of Thessaly in 2004, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical & Computer Engineering from University of Thessaly, in 2008 and 2014 respectively. In 2018 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Intrusion Detection in SCADA systems from the University of Huddersfield He is featured in Stanford University's list of the world Top 2% scientists. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and is an author of more than 170 papers in scientific magazines and conferences.