CyberHOT Summer School

29th September 2023 Chania, Crete, Greece

(more info will be provided soon)

The Cybersecurity Hands -On -Training (CyberHOT) Summer School will take place on Friday 29th of September 2023 under the auspices of NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) after the 7th NMIOTC Cyber Security Conference in the Maritime Domain (27-28/9/23).

Join us in Chania at the beautiful island of Crete for a unique knowledge sharing experience!

More info will be provided by April 2023!

What is CyberHOT?

CyberHOT training program consists of a series of practical courses that aim to raise the skills of the workforce to meet current and future cyber incidents and challenges.

Hands-On Cybersecurity Training On

  • Threat and Attack Monitoring

  • Evaluate strategies, tools & procedures

  • Apply System Administration

  • Monitoring of networks

  • Detecting & responding to attacks

Who should attend...

  • Security officers

  • System/network administrators

  • ICT security professionals

  • Technical cyber security staff

  • Government ICT security officials

  • Ethical hackers

  • Penetration testers

  • Software developers

  • Students in cybersecurity

...and 9+1 reasons not to miss CyberHOT!

  1. Advance your security knowledge to practical, effective cyber incident expertise.

  2. Develop cyber situational awareness skills.

  3. Get familiar with best cyber defence practices based on the latest cyber attacks.

  4. Build collaboration and synergy with your cyber security team members.

  5. Learn how to evaluate strategies, tools, procedures, based upon specific assessment criteria.

  6. Learn from and interact with our professional high-experienced trainers.

  7. Receive the NMIOTC certification of attendance.

  8. Boost your career and pave your way towards becoming a cyber security professional.

  9. Boost your cybersecurity profile, get recognised for your cybersecurity technical skills, and stand out in the IT crowd.

  10. Combine high-quality professional-level education with entertainment at the island of Crete!


  • Bring your own laptops as you will not be able to participate in the hands-on training without one.

  • You may be asked to install tools and software, and download virtual machines or sample datasets, before your arrival.

  • You can still participate in all the labs as an observer and be part of the discussion even if you do not bring a laptop.

Upon registration

  • You will receive updated information, references, handouts and notes on the usage of the tools.

  • You will receive detailed instruction on how to configure usable tools for practical cybersecurity.

  • You can join a chat channel with our experts and get "CyberHOT-Line" support.